Simple Paleo Breakfast Recipes To Try At Home

The Paleo Diet is one of the simplest diets for you to follow. The recipes are easy and in just some days of regular practice you will get yourself covered. The Paleo Diet is healthy for men and women. However, when you are shortlisting the recipes for the diet, ensure you have the right ones for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Simple Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Weston A. Price Foundation in the USA has a team of skilled experts that promote the Paleo Diet and menu. They have shortlisted below some simple breakfast recipes for you to try out at home for you or your loved ones. Check them out below-


  • Frittatas- Eggs are widely loved for breakfast across the globe. The experts here suggest Frittatas for a healthy and easy breakfast option. You just have to beat some eggs and pour them onto a pan with some vegetables. Bake them in the oven.
  • Crock-pot Roasts- This recipe is good if you are feeding many people. This recipe is a slow home based one and you can opt for both beef and pork. The process is very simple and not complicated at all. Marinate the beef or the pork with the spices and put it in the oven.
  • Baked chicken- You may rub the chicken with spices and add thyme and lemon. This baked chicken recipe is perfect with salads.
  • Chili- One big bowl of chili heats you up on a cold afternoon. You can also carry chilies when you are traveling. It freezes well and reheats without hassles. You just have to add the spice or reduce it as per your tastes. You can also have them with beef and tomatoes.
  • Coleshaw- If you think that Paleo diet means only meat, you are wrong. You should have a plate that is half filled with vegetables. One of the most common vegetables available in the market is cabbage. It is simple to make. You have the option to roast it, fry it or even throw it into a soup to make coleslaw.
  • Chicken soup- This is known as soul food and it is the ideal home remedy for a flu. You can just add any kind of vegetable into your soup from the fridge.
  • Roasted vegetables- You may take any vegetable and toss it on the tray with either coconut or olive oil. Roast the vegetables till the vegetables are tasty and soft. If you roast broccoli or Brussels sprouts, you will find that you get their inner sweetness and make them attractive for kids.

The above are just some of the common simple recipes you can make with the Paleo diet plan. The experts at Weston A. Price Foundation will guide you in case you do not know how to make these simple recipes. The Paleo diet will help you lose weight and you will feel active all day long. Once you embrace this diet for two weeks, you will start noticing the difference!