Gospel for Asia Helping Deprived Find Salvation

Lending a helping hand to those who need it and guide them back to life is the only way to acquire salvation. This is the message which Jesus Christ had sent to the people. Jesus had spread love and hope when there was none. He had held hands of the deprived and the unfortunate souls. He had helped these people find their way back to life. This is the mission which Gospel for Asia has taken upon themselves.


KP Yohannan is the founder of the organization. He advocates missionaries and train them to carry God’s message to the people. The Metropolitan Bishop is also the founder of Believers Church. It is his mission to spread Jesus’s love to among the people who need it the most. To do so he has authored more than 200 books that are dedicated to the Christian living and belief.


He has born in a Christian family in Kerala. From the early age of 8, he had become a follower of Jesus. The love and the message of Christ had won his heart and since then he has made it a point to tell people what they can accomplish by following Jesus. Later at the age of 16 he has joined Operation Mobilization. It was an evangelical movement. He served this movement for eight years.


Later KP Yohannan has founded Gospel for Asia. This organization is a large Christian NGO. The people who are associated with this are all dedicated to make others’ life a better one. They work on the Asian rural areas. They work with people who have been deprived of the things that are required for survival.


KP Yohannan says that had it not been for his early age hard work, this organization would not have grown up to be so large. It is his past experience which has helped him understand the agony of the people. He understands that when people lose everything in natural calamity, they don’t only lose their belongings. They lose a lot more than that. They lose their confidence. They lose their hope. He has seen this happening. He has witnessed people losing the desire to go on. These are the people he has focused on. These are people who need help the most.


Gospel for Asia is active in the rural parts of the Asia. They work in the countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China. They help people who have no hope of future and no love for love life. They work with them and spread the words of God among them.


The missionaries of Gospel for Asia speak the language of the native people. Western missionaries are never sent to Asian countries. It is from the very day of its foundation, the organization is adhering to the national missionaries. If you don’t understand the problem you will not be able to find solution. Keeping this in mind KP Yohannan has trained and recruited the national people to work for his organization. He has stuck to the initial philosophy that communication breaks all the barriers.