The Edifice and Structure of the Enormous Cathedral.

If the path is smooth, the journey tranquil and everything is going glowing for you, be careful. The Bible says rough and narrow is the road that leads to life. That is, anything close to Jesus Christ receives spasm. If Satan knows you are not upsetting his kingdom, he would not take the trouble to attack you. The manifestations in The SCOAN grabbed the attention of Satan and his agents. Agents of Satan were propelled to come and put out the light in the life of Prophet TB Joshua, but their works failed. Satan is defenseless in the face of God’s power and armor. They came in mass pursuing to destroy but were instead delivered by the power of the Divine Spirit. This is only because Prophet TB Joshua recognized that the conquest had already been won.

On the instruction from the Holy Spirit, SCOAN, The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations moved to a large stretch of land in Ikotun-Egbe, in the suburbs of Lagos. Thousands of people began flocking to the services as they heard about the extraordinary events taking place there.

As the awareness spread, people of every culture, color, and creed started coming to witness the supremacy of God in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. Innumerable evidences continued flooding in as every manner of disease and sickness submitted and bowed to the irrefutable authority in the name of Jesus Christ. There is no reason to distrust His sufficiency. His blessing, healing, deliverance are unlimited! It was then that another massive work began in The SCOAN. Divinity Almighty instructed Prophet T.B. Joshua to construct a cathedral that would reflect His majesty and glory.

Just as David received instruction to build the temple and Moses received instruction to build the tabernacle, the same God, who changes not, was the inspiration behind the construction of The SCOAN you see today. When you follow Jesus in righteousness, the impossible will become possible for you. There was only one builder involved in the planning – the Divine Spirit.   When the Divine Spirit talks, one must obey, because changes are beginning.

In a very short space of time, an area without walls and barely a roof was renovated into a monumental cathedral. Stiff benches were replaced with comfy chairs, meagre lights were turned to bright lighting, and fans were swapped with revitalizing air conditioning. The abundant changes that took place in such a short time span has become a matter of debate. The will of God will never lead you to where the grace of God is not sufficient to cover you. Glory be to God! Every person has received something from God that is proficient of being embedded. Members enthusiastically sacrificed their strength, time and money to build their church. Everybody played their specific role and utilized the gifts God had given them to add to the success of the cathedral.

Just one stride into the church helps to nurture an atmosphere of faith and a cognizance of Christ’s presence. On all the galleries, the windows and the floor, there are Bible passages and words of inspiration and encouragement to lift your faith. The ceiling also exhibits many pictures depicting the apostles of old and the suffering of Christ, creating opportunity for self-examination and sober reflection.