Advantages Of Country Curtains Over Blinds

Window treatment is an important component of the interior design of your home. Curtains add color and spice to your place. Country curtains summate elegance, style and maintenance together in one place. Country curtains completely transform the appearance of your home and make it feel closer to nature. Window dressing has myriad advantages to offer so here we count some benefits of country curtains over regular blinds:

  1. Aesthetic beauty

Selecting country curtains over blinds bring refinement and grace to the place. The manner of dressing windows with curtains shows one’s aesthetic sense that how you put effort in matching the color scheme and the style of the curtains with your room. Simply adding country-inspired curtains to a room will make the whole area feel just like the countryside.

  1. Curtains as insulators

Blinds alone can’t insulate the room to the extent curtains can. Fabric works as an insulator. In summers curtains block sun rays from your room and in winters they stop chilling cold wind from entering the room. Thickness of fabric is directly proportional to the insulation of the curtains. So, depending on the kind of weather you live in select the type of curtain that will work perfectly for the room you hang them up in.

  1. Gives durability

Since blinds are quite delicate and their hooking and unhooking process involves greater care. Curtains are easy to use as compared to blinds and are also more durable.

  1. End the boredom

It is the very instinct of human being that he likes to bring change in his lifestyle. He wants to feel something new after a time. Blinds can cause boredom but curtains are the best solution to this boredom. The varying colors, styles and trends of country curtains can bring a new look to your room. There really is a lot for you to choose from. You can select curtains that have a simple design that’ll make you remember the countryside or you can go for more elaborate designs. There are even country-inspired curtain styles that have whole scenes depicting how life is while living in the countryside.

  1. Save you from spending too much money

Curtains are a much reliable and affordable choice than blinds. So, new curtains can save you from spending too much money. Replacing blinds cost a lot too.

  1. Maintain privacy

Blinds alone can’t maintain good privacy but selecting curtains over blinds gives far better privacy.