Wednesday, 23 January 2019

5 Travel Tips YOU NEED TO KNOW

Best travel tips and insights that I figured out over the last five years of non-stop travel when I started I didn't have or do any of these things and now I can't live without them I hope these tips will make your life easier and safer on the road 1 get travel insurance time and time again I've realized how important it is to have good travel insurance I use a company called Allianz and they are fantastic when I got really sick in Bali they covered my hospital bills when my flight to Nepal was cancelled from the earthquake they gave me full reimbursement you never know which emergencies may happen overseas so having protection is a reassuring peace of mind to get an international SIM card a working smartphone is probably the most important thing you can have for safety I switched over to t-mobile's Global SIM card about two years ago!

Which has given me unlimited data and cheap calls in a hundred and twenty plus countries it works flawlessly and it's a lifesaver to never have to worry about getting a local SIM card anymore three get airport lounge access there is this card called the priority pass which gives you unlimited access to more than a thousand airport lounges around the world these lounges have free buffets unlimited booths fast Wi-Fi and they are substantially more comfortable than waiting by the gate you can either buy the priority pass outright for a year or get it from a travel rewards credit card like I did with my Chase Sapphire reserved for use Google Maps offline!

I find the best tool for navigation is Google Maps even in faraway places when there is no signal Google Maps will still track your GPS location so you can just follow the blue dot this is very helpful when you jump in a foreign taxi to make sure he doesn't go the wrong way you can also download maps offline to use whenever you wish five get a Wi-Fi hotspot if you work remotely are an online entrepreneur or you're just addicted to social media then you will need daily access to Wi-Fi if you are tired of seeking signals at cafes hotel lobbies and airports then get yourself a hotspot device like this one called temp.

which gives you reliable Wi-Fi in a hundred plus countries or if you are spending a while in one country go for the localized ones like you can do here in the bank Hach airport before your next trip make sure to remember these five travel tips and I can guarantee that your life will be a whole lot better if you have any additional tips to share please comment them below I'm drew Pinsky and if you like my travel videos please click Subscribe and join me as I plan to visit every country in the world!