Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Best Binoculars and rangefinders 2018

the ripen oculars can let you see your adventures in a whole new way whether you're tracking a lion in the Serengeti spotting Eagles are watching the Cincinnati Bengals game from the bleachers we bought these binoculars for testing on Amazon from the official sellers and if you want to get the same experience that we did we highly recommend that you buy from the same place links will be in the description if you like this video remember to click like and subscribe, number six leopold bx1 yosemite new prism technology has divided the market into Porro prism and roof prism binoculars the former is the older less expensive prism tech requiring that classic a-frame design they don't require pricey coatings like sleeker 8 shaped roof prism bins meaning you can often pick up great glass for a fraction of the cost get a big bang for your binocular box.

Leopold's bx1 Yosemite for a good price the relatively compact 6 by 30 rocks a huge field of view with poro prisms providing bright pictures high contrast and good color fidelity upgrade to the 8 by 30 or ten by thirty when magnification matters they focus fast at distances as close as 10 feet and twist up I caps are a nice touch for use with glasses protective rubber coating adds waterproofing durability and excellent ergonomics for smaller hands number five like an octave it with perfect scores and build and ergonomics resolution and image quality the nock divot is what you get when you combine German glass precision engineering and few if any limits on production costs

All the moving parts eyecups focus wheel and locking center dial diopter control are smooth and positive the plasma coated shot glass delivers a stunning picture with eye-popping detail [Music] number four Athlon optics Maite CD the Athlon optics maitus ET are the beneficiaries of a revolution in optical quality caused by the falling costs of precision manufacturing and optical treatments the Athlon Mitas IDI pairs optics aren't its only strong suit these are exceptionally durable binoculars that easily withstood the humid dusty and hostile environment of the Mexican rainforest and harsh Sun of the Californian desert and they're focused I'll adjust reliably and smoothly across a wide range of depths making it easy to focus on.

what you're trying to see no matter where it is number three Bushnell legend m-series Bushnell binoculars and scopes have long been popular in tree stands and blinds and the brand's legend M series eight by forty two bins build on the acclaim with a slew of new tech [Music] the legend grows with Edie Prime extra low dispersion fluoride class engineered to eliminate chromatic aberrations and draw out contrast and color even in low-light morning and evening huts [Music] dielectric roof prism coatings have been found to allow 92% light transmission and Bushnell's ultra wideband coating transmits that full-color spectrum all the way to the ocular lens they're waterproof fog proof and treated with new rain guard HD coatings ensuring you see your prey clearly in rain sleet or snow number 2 GPO passion HD if this Japanese made binocular looks.

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European that's entirely intentional it's the first full-size by now from a new brand that hopes to marry european-style and optical performance with retail prices achievable from the lower production costs of Asian partners the passion looks feels and performs like a higher-end European binocular the machined aluminum eye cups are first-rate and the controls are tight and precise the glass is excellent the price is a bargain for an optic of this quality especially considering the fully transferable lifetime warranty number one Nikon Monarch Hg with field flattener lenses that minimize distortion at the edges the monarch hg puts serious optical performance into a lightweight handy package that's highly versatile and feels ready for action it has all the right features including a locking diopter a smooth and precise focus wheel and lens covers that actually stay put the exposed metal objective rings and pebble rubber armor also supply a cool retro vibe that we appreciated [Music] all told the hg hits the sweet spot for hunters who want a high-quality binocular to cover all their needs and do it at a fair price we bought these binoculars for testing on amazon from the official sellers and if you want to get the same experience that we did we highly recommend that you buy from the same place links will be in the description if you liked this video remember to click like and subscribe [Music]